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The series has had plenty of memorable moments.

30 of the most-memorable moments from ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Smash-hit "The Big Bang Theory" is coming to an end after more than a decade on the air. We rounded up some of the best moments from the series.
"The Big Bang Theory."

‘The Big Bang Theory’ cast is posting pictures of their last-ever table read, and it’s heartbreaking

Kaley Cuoco, Mayim Bialik, and more of your favorite "Big Bang Theory" stars are taking to Instagram to share their last moments of making the show.
Kaley Cuoco has not time for negative comments.

People said Kaley Cuoco looked pregnant in a recent photo — and she had the perfect response

The star of "The Big Bang Theory" noticed people asking if she was pregnant in a recent Instagram photo, and she issued a fiery response.

THEN & NOW: The cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

"The Big Bang Theory" is coming to an end after 12 seasons, and the cast has come a long way. From Kaley Cuoco to Jim Parsons, here's the cast of "The Big Bang Theory," then and now.

The 10 most popular TV shows of the year so far, according to Nielsen ratings

Several of the most popular TV series this year have been established favorites like "The Big Bang Theory," "The Voice," and "NCIS." But the surprise hit of the year is ABC's controversy-drawing reboot of "Roseanne."

These 7 detailed floor plans show how big the flats and apartments of famous fictional characters actually are

With most film and TV scenes filmed in the same rooms and from the same angles, it's hard to tell what's actually inside a character's house.

Former Fed chair Ben Bernanke was on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on Thursday night

The former chairman of the Federal Reserve appeared on an episode of "The Big Bang Theory."

See what the biggest stars at the People’s Choice Awards wore — Alison Brie, Kate Hudson, and more

Alison Brie, Kate Hudson, and more looked great on the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards.