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Jordan Syatt eating one of 30 Big Macs.

An Instagram-famous fitness coach ate a Big Mac every day for a month and still lost 7 pounds

Jordan Syatt wanted to hammer home the point that you can still enjoy the foods you like and reach your fitness goals.
DoorDash is giving away a million one-cent Big Macs this week.

DoorDash is giving away a million one-cent Big Macs and $1 million this week. Here’s how to get in on the deal.

DoorDash and McDonald's are giving away one million Big Macs for one cent each, as well as the chance to win a $1 million cash prize.

Here’s why the new Popeyes chicken sandwich is proof the US economy is doing just fine

Like the Big Mac and the Whopper before it, Popeyes' new chicken sandwich can be viewed as a sign of economic health, according to Bloomberg Opinion.
YouTuber "Killem" launched a Big Mac into space.

Watch a man eat a Big Mac that he sent to space and back after it landed 3 hours away

Tom Stanniland concluded his experiment by eating the burger, which he described as tasting extremely dry and crumbly.
McDonald's cheesy bacon fries are already for sale in Hawaii.

McDonald’s confirms it is rolling out Cheesy Bacon Fries and more bacon-centric menu items across America

McDonald's is going all in-on bacon. It is rolling out Cheesy Bacon Fries on January 30 and also debuting the Big Mac Bacon and Quarter Pounder Bacon.

McDonald’s Big Mac is turning 50, and it’s still America’s essential burger

In honor of the Big Mac's 50th birthday, here's why this author loves the Big Mac and what it represents — and why you should, too.
McDonald's Big Mac

The Big Mac at 50: McDonald’s CEO on ‘MacCoin,’ the Big Mac Index, and why there will probably never be a veggie Big Mac

McDonald's iconic Big Mac turns 50 this year. The Big Mac's massive reach is part of its power, but it also makes it difficult to make any changes, like adding a chicken or veggie version to the menu, with CEO Steve Easterbook calling the burger "sacrosanct."
"You're gonna need two hands."

McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial proves the new Big Macs are the chain’s best new menu item in years

Nostalgia rules the day when it comes to fast food, as McDonald's showed in its Super Bowl commercial.

McDonald’s is bringing back its famously large and small takes on the Big Mac — here’s how they stack up against the original

The Big Mac just got bigger. And smaller. There are two new variations of the iconic burger available now, and we tried them.

A McDonald’s in Boston is launching an ATM that spits out free Big Macs

McDonald's is launching a ATM in Boston that spits out Big Macs free of charge.