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Donald Trump.

Bill de Blasio is reportedly looking for a way to tear up the city’s contracts with the Trump Organization after Michael Cohen’s guilty pl...

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration is again looking into whether the city can cancel its contracts with the Trump Organization, this time as a result of President Donald Trump's former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen's legal troubles, The New York Times reported.

Uber is going on the offensive and plotting clever ways to grow despite NYC’s cap on ride-hailing cars

Uber plans to use creative measures to remain competitive in New York City following the passage of a bill that puts a cap on the number of vehicles that may operate within the city. An Uber spokesperson said, "Uber will do whatever it takes to keep up with growing demand."

Bill de Blasio has a plan that would destroy New York City’s elite high schools

Opinion: Earlier this month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wrote an op-ed explaining his vision for reforming the admissions process for eight of the city's elite, prestigious high schools. It's the wrong solution.
Michael Cohen.

Michael Cohen wanted to run for mayor of New York City after Trump won the presidential election

President Donald Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen wanted to run for mayor of New York City after his boss won the 2016 presidential election, Axios reported Sunday.
The NYPD will now issue summons instead of arrests to marijuana smokers.

The NYPD has been told to stop arresting people for using marijuana in public in New York City

Bill DeBlasio has directed the NYPD to no longer arrest people who smoke marijuana in public.
NYC Cyber Command is quietly protecting New Yorkers — and Americans as a whole.

Inside New York City Cyber Command — a government agency most people know nothing about that’s leading America’s biggest city into t...

NYC Cyber Command (NYC3) is changing the way government officials in America's biggest city protect its people amid increasing threats of cyberattacks in the US.
NYC Secure will be available for iPhone and Android users this summer.

New York City just launched a free app to protect people’s phones because cyber criminals are becoming a bigger threat

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled a new mobile app called NYC Secure on Thursday that will help protect New Yorkers online for free.

‘NRA sashay away’: 175,000 people took to the streets for New York City’s ‘March for Our Lives’ rally

Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio were there — but they weren't seen talking.

The man chosen to lead the largest school system in America backed out less than 24 hours after accepting the job in a stunning announcement

Alberto M. Carvalho, pegged to lead the New York City school system by Mayor Bill de Blasio, said he changed his mind about taking the position a day later.
A view of a deadly apartment fire in New York City, on Thursday December 28, 2017.

The Bronx fire that killed 12 was apparently caused by a 3-year-old child playing with the burners on a stove

Investigators believe the deadly blaze that ripped through a Bronx building Thursday evening, killing 12, was caused by a child playing with a stove.