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Bill Gross compares Fed policy to an umpire who died on the field

Monetary policy has "resembled the gluttony of long departed umpire John McSherry," Gross said.

Bill Gross’ latest outlook is a wild letter that includes a poem about Africa, the economic prospects under Trump, and his forecast for US Treas...

Bill Gross' latest investment outlook includes his pick for the most important number in finance and musings on what Africa can teach us about life itself.

BILL GROSS: Trump’s presidency will be ‘damaging’ to the US economy, and America has taken a ‘wrong turn’

Bill Gross didn't like either candidate but believes President-elect Donald Trump is a fox in the henhouse.

BILL GROSS: Central bankers have turned the economy into a ‘casino’ that threatens capitalism

Bill Gross thinks the world's central banks have put the entire capitalistic system at risk through their interest-rate policies.

Bill Gross just used kittens, sex, and Victoria’s Secret to explain his miserable outlook for the global economy

Bill Gross used an explanation of how he found out about sex, and subsequently explained it to his son, to frame how he was thinking about the global economy.

BILL GROSS: The economy is ‘a Monopoly board,’ and everybody is losing

Bill Gross thinks the economy is like Monopoly, and we're getting pretty close to the "dog eat dog" endgame.

BILL GROSS: The last 40 years of investing history are a ‘black swan’ that won’t be repeated

Bill Gross' outlook for the future in his latest investment outlook isn't great.

Soon we’ll give people money to do nothing, whether Bill Gross likes it or not

Bill Gross thinks we ought to just forget about work and start giving money away: it's our only choice.