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A Democratic senator in a tight re-election race says Russians are interfering in his campaign — but some top officials say they don’t kno...

"If Senator Nelson has specific information about threats to our elections, he should share it with election officials in Florida."

The Senate might not take its annual break in August — and that could have disastrous consequences for red-state Democrats

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell potentially cancelling all or part of the August recess is a prime strategy for sidelining vulnerable incumbent Democrats in red states who would otherwise be campaigning vigorously for re-election.

A top Democratic senator met with Mark Zuckerberg for an hour and came away more pessimistic

Sen. Bill Nelson suggested that the hearing would lack substance and that Congress was unlikely to pursue legislation to regulate tech firms' data collection.
Rick Scott.

Florida’s governor is about to set up a blockbuster race to flip a Florida Senate seat red

Florida Governor Rick Scott teased the announcement of his highly anticipated Senate campaign to challenge Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson on Monday.

Another congressional panel just summoned Mark Zuckerberg — and it could be the tip of the iceberg

The Senate's commerce committee on Friday requested Mark Zuckerberg testify, adding to the list of congressional panels looking to bring in the billionaire.

A bipartisan group of senators are trying to stop school shootings before they happen — without curbing gun ownership in any way

A bipartisan group of senators are coalescing around a bill to address potential school shooters in advance of any massacre, without curbing gun rights.

Trump just threw the GOP leadership’s strategy on gun control under the bus

President Donald Trump's call for gun legislation that covers a lot of issues flies in the face of the Republican leadership's plan.
Sen. Joe Donnelly

Red-state Democrats are feeling the pressure to vote for the GOP plan to avoid a shutdown

Democratic Sens. Joe Donnelly and Joe Manchin are crossing party lines to vote for the GOP-led bill to fund the government, and other Democrats may switch too.

‘It makes even more sense today’: Senate Democrats are reviving a controversial bill after the Orlando massacre

The massacre left at least 49 people dead and dozens more wounded. It was the deadliest mass shooting in US history.