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An 82-year-old Democrat asked to be part of ‘the squad’ that Trump is railing against — and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez welcomed him

Pascrell may be a white man and several decades older than the other members of "the squad," but he too represents a solidly Democratic district.

Democrats will be able to make Trump’s tax returns public if they take back Congress. Here’s how.

Taking back the House would allow Democrats, using their newfound control of the Ways and Means Committee, to review the tax returns and decide whether or not to release them.
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

2 top Democrats want Congress to interview the interpreter who was in the room with Trump and Putin

Two top Democrats are calling on Congress to interview the interpreter for President Donald Trump in his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday in Helsinki, Finland.
Bill Pascrell

Democrats are bucking civil-liberties and disability groups and trying to revisit a controversial gun measure that Trump rescinded

Democrats want to bring back a rule that would add thousands of Americans to NICS, despite unified opposition from Republicans and progressive groups.
New Jersey Rep. Bill Pascrell

House tax bill hearing explodes as Democrat tells GOP member ‘we’ll settle that outside’ during amendment debate

Things got heated when New Jersey Democrat Bill Pascrell went after Republican Devin Nunes for blocking his amendment to the Tax Cut and Jobs Act.