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Swedish pharma billionaire Frederik Paulsen made this year's Forbes list.

Meet the 10 richest billionaires in healthcare, whose ranks include a doctor and heirs to pharmaceutical empires

Forbes just released its ranking of the world's richest billionaries. Here are the 10 richest billionaires in healthcare and biotech.
A scientist works at Zai Lab's drug development facility in Shanghai, China October 18, 2017.

Millennials are piling into 2 biotech stocks you’ve probably never heard of

Amarin and Geron are two of the most popular stocks on the free stock trading app Robinhood. One stock has quadrupled in value in recent weeks while the other has seen its shares crash. In both cases, investors appear to be hoping more gains are in store.

A new biotech company has raised $25 million to help unleash a ‘virgin market’ of psychedelic research

A new biotech company has raised $25 million to finance research on the effects of psychedelics like magic mushrooms on depression. Called Atai Life Sciences, the company is a leading investor in a Peter Thiel-backed company called Compass Pathways.

The market for biotech IPOs is red hot — here are the top 10 of 2018

There's been a total of 47 biotech IPOs in the first nine month of the year, which is already more than both the full years 2016 and 2017, according to Renaissance Capital, a provider of institutional IPO research.

‘This test is garbage’: Experts and former employees allege that a Silicon Valley startup gives bogus ‘cellular ages’ based on...

A Silicon Valley blood-testing startup sells a $99 kit that tells customers the average length of their telomeres, which are seen by some researchers as a holy grail of aging. But two of Telomere Diagnostics' original founders and a NASA researcher raised doubts about the test's efficacy.

A startup that’s helping us better understand the bugs that live in us just raised $83 million to start developing treatments for diseases like ...

Microbiome startup uBiome, best known for its tests that sequence the bugs living in us, is expanding into drug development. Boosted by $83 million in series C funding, it plans to take the information it's gathered to create treatments for conditions like cancer and metabolic disorders.
Moderna Therapeutics CEO Stephane Bancel

Moderna Therapeutics, a biotech unicorn valued at more than $7.5 billion, could be gearing up for an IPO as early as this winter

A Cambridge-based biotech unicorn valued at $7.5 billion might be gearing up for an initial public offering as early as this winter. The company, Moderna Therapeutics, specializes in developing mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics.
RDMD co-founders Nancy Yu and Onno Faber.

A company that calls itself the ‘Flatiron Health of rare diseases’ and is backed by Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos just raise...

A drug development platform for rare disease just announced $3 million in seed funding, led by investment companies with a network of backers that include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos.

Samumed, a $12 billion startup that wants to cure baldness and smooth out your wrinkles, just raised even more funding as it plots an IPO

Samumed, a San Diego-based biotech is one of the highest valued healthcare startups in the US with a $12 billion valuation. On Monday, the company raised an additional $438 million, bringing its total funding to $650 million.

Akouos, a biotech startup that’s trying to tackle a $750 billion global problem, just announced it’s raised a new funding round

Akouos, the first biotech startup that's taking a precision medicine approach to hearing loss, announced a $50 million Series A funding round on Tuesday.