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Bolt Threads CEO Dan Widmaier and English fashion designer Stella McCartney stand between two models whose brown knitted pieces were fashioned from the startup's synthetic spider silk material.

How this startup went from producing a synthetic spider silk to partnering with fashion icons

The biotech company is best known for its synthetic spider silk with its new synthetic leather material, Mylo, also on the rise. In the past couple of years, Bolt Threads has partnered with brands such as Patagonia, Best Made and most recently iconic English fashion designer Stella McCartney.
A human brain and its millions of small nerves

The FDA just approved a new kind of medication that could change the way we treat a condition that affects 38 million Americans

The drug, Aimovig, is the first of a new class of medications that's going after the huge migraine market. An estimated 38 million Americans have migraines, and a large portion — roughly 15 million— would be eligible for preventive treatment.
A lack of lab space can be a big challenge for biotech companies hoping to stay in NYC.

Sawing down desks and persevering through a hurricane— how one biotech startup is managing to stay in NYC

Starting a biotech in NYC can be rewarding, but it isn't always easy. An example is personalized reproductive health company Celmatix, which has stayed in the city for the past 9 years, despite cramped quarters and disruptions from a hurricane.

A cancer treatment that one expert called the ‘most exciting thing I’ve seen in my lifetime’ just got approved to treat more patient...

The FDA just approved a cutting-edge therapy to treat more patients with certain forms of blood cancer. It's the second approval for the drug, Kymriah, is now approved to treat certain forms of leukemia and lymphoma.

A biotech company’s farthest-along drug just failed a key trial — and the stock is plummeting

Prothena said on Monday that its drug to treat AL Amyloidosis failed a key trial, leading the company to discontinue a later-stage study.
Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov

A bidding war for the maker of Adderall stalled out after just 4 hours

Shire rejected a $60 billion bid from the Japanese drugmaker Takeda, while Allergan briefly considered getting into the fray on Thursday.
Benevolent AI CEO Ken Mulvany

A startup that uses artificial intelligence to discover new drugs just landed a $2 billion valuation

BenevolentAI, a UK-based startup that uses artificial intelligence to discover new treatments just raised $115 million at a $2 billion valuation.

2 cancer drugmakers just presented key data about how new treatments work in lung cancer — and the markets picked a winner

The markets picked Merck as the winner based on its data lung cancer. Merck's stock was up about 3% on Monday while BMS was down about 5%.

There could be a $35 billion market to treat NASH, a ‘silent disease’ millions are living with — and the competition’s startin...

Work's being done to pinpoint how to treat NASH, as well as research that's being used to better understand the genetics of the disease.

We’re about to get some key lung cancer data — and it could affect how hundreds of thousands of cancer patients are treated

On Monday, three big players in the growing field of cancer immunotherapy are sharing data that could change how we treat lung cancer.