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"Triple Frontier"

Netflix won’t stop bragging about the millions of people who watch its mediocre original movies

Netflix's biggest movies are some of its worst-reviewed by critics, from "Bird Box" to "Triple Frontier."

I cannot escape Marie Kondo, Ted Bundy, and the Fyre Festival, and it’s all Netflix’s fault

"Bird Box," "You," Marie Kondo, the Fyre Festival, and even the serial killer Ted Bundy have seen a huge boost from a new Netflix Effect.

The whirlwind success of Netflix’s ‘You’ and ‘Bird Box’ shows it’s become a well-oiled FOMO machine

"Bird Box" and "You" on Netflix showed its originals could create the type of water cooler talk that live TV was famous for.
Sandra Bullock in "Bird Box"

Netflix says that ‘Bird Box’ will be viewed by 80 million accounts in its first month

Netflix said on Thursday that "Bird Box" will be viewed by 80 million accounts in its first month.
"Bird Box."

Canadians are outraged Netflix used footage from the country’s deadliest modern railway disaster in ‘Bird Box’ — and the compa...

A deadly train derailment in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, in 2013 caused an explosion that killed 47 people and flattened much of the town's downtown core.
A composite image of actress Sandra Bullock in Netflix's "Bird Box" (left) and the damage caused after a teenager in Utah drove while blindfolding her eyes as part of the "Bird Box" challenge earlier this week.

17-year-old crashes car while driving with a beanie pulled over her eyes as part of viral ‘Bird Box’ challenge

People have been taking part in the "Bird Box" challenge, inspired by the Netflix show, where they cover their eyes while moving around.
Sandra Bullock has starred in films such as "Bird Box" and "Miss Congeniality."

10 things you probably didn’t know about Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock recently starred in Netflix's popular horror film "Bird Box." Here are 10 surprising things you probably didn't know about the actress.
Sandra Bullock in "Bird Box"

‘Bird Box’ gave ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 a run for its money as Netflix’s biggest original in the first week

Twenty-six million Netflix subscribers viewed "Bird Box" in its first week, second only to "Stranger Things" season two, according to Nielsen.
Jimmy Fallon and Linsday Lohan did a skit that was inspired by "Bird Box."

Jimmy Fallon parodied Netflix’s ‘Bird Box,’ and revealed that dancing Lindsay Lohan is the monster

On NBC's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," the "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" star teamed up with the late night host to put a unique spin on the hit movie.
Sandra Bullock stars in the Netflix horror film.

A special effects studio revealed what the ‘Bird Box’ monsters were supposed to look like — and they’ve been described as R...

Here's what the monsters in "Bird Box" looked like and how everyone's monster was supposed to be different.