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Patagonia markets itself as being anti-consumerist.

Millennials have a new shopping habit that could spell trouble for Forever 21 and H&M

Millennial customers are more interested in clothing that will last, which is bad news for fast-fashion retailers.

‘Amazon is an accomplice’: Birkenstock CEO accuses Amazon of profiting off fake goods

Birkenstock said that it would stop selling its footwear brand on Amazon's European websites starting January 1.

Steve Jobs’ sandals and a bunch of other memorabilia is up for auction

Here's your chance to walk a mile in Apple cofounder Steve Jobs' shoes, literally.

Millennials are making their parents’ shoe brands cool again

Birkenstock and other practical-footwear companies are making a company.

The 13 most impressive brand comebacks of all time

Every once in a while, a popular brand falls off the map. Here are a list of brands that have made an impressive comeback