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Love the chaos!

Tesla’s tanking stock price is actually the best thing that’s happened to the company recently

Tesla's stock has long been overpriced, and that's distorted the company's triumphs.
The mansion has more than 113,000 square feet of living space.

The most expensive home for sale in Paris is a massive $280 million mansion right next to the Eiffel Tower, and it’s owned by 2 mysterious siste...

A massive mansion in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower is on the market for $280 million. It's the most expensive current listing in the City of Lights.

A Wall Street firm focused on disruption is delusional when it comes to Tesla

It would be nearly impossible for Tesla to build enough new factories by 2023 to vindicate Ark Invest's latest case for the stock hitting $4,000.

The Boeing 737 Max’s return to the air has reportedly been delayed by regulators looking into emergency procedures on older Boeing jets

According to the WSJ, the FAA is reportedly looking into the emergency operating procedures for Max and old versions of the Boeing 737.
Many agents said working with affluent clients is easier than working with ordinary clients.

13 luxury real-estate agents reveal what it’s really like working with millionaire and billionaire clients

We asked luxury real-estate agents what it's like working with ultra-rich clients. Many said it's easier than working with regular clients.

The most popular movies that people watch while flying

The most popular movie in 2018 on American Airlines was "Black Panther," while "The Big Bang Theory" proved to be the most-watched TV series.
The view of Central Park from One57.

I toured the most expensive condo for sale in a Billionaires’ Row skyscraper in NYC, a $58.5 million residence that spans the entire 87th floor....

The most expensive apartment for sale in a Billionaires' Row skyscraper in New York City is a $58.5 million residence spanning the entire 87th floor.
The wealthy are showing off their riches less.

One brutal sentence captures what a disaster money in America has become

"The bottom half of Americans combined have a negative net worth," Bloomberg's Ben Steverman wrote based on research of economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman.
American Airlines CEO Doug Parker.

American Airlines CEO reveals the most important lesson he learned from the legendary founder of Southwest Airlines

American Airlines CEO Parker learned about the art of listening by watching the late Herb Kelleher, founder and former CEO of Southwest Airlines.
Monaco's GDP per capita is $165,420 — the second highest in the world.

15 astounding facts about Monaco, the tiny French Riviera city-state where 32% of the population is made up of millionaires

With an area of 0.78 square miles and a population of 38,300, it's one of the densest countries in the world. One in three people is a millionaire.