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Boeing 777X.

Boeing quietly unveiled the $442 million airliner that will replace the 747 jumbo jet

Boeing unveiled the first prototype of its upcoming 777X in a private, employees-only event on March 13.
Ford CFO Bob Shanks.

Ford names Amazon and Snap veteran Tim Stone as new CFO, continuing the company’s push closer to Silicon Valley

Tim Stone's hiring continues CEO Jim Hackett's drive to push Ford closer to Silicon Valley. Stone had worked at Amazon and Snap.
The Boeing 737 Max 8.

The US government wants to audit how the Boeing 737 Max got approved to fly by the FAA

US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is requesting an audit on how the Boeing 737 Max was certified by the FAA to enter service.
A Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

The Boeing 737 Max is likely to be the last version of the best-selling airliner of all time

The Boeing 737 has been pushed as far as it can go. Boeing will need a new plane in the future to take on Airbus.

11 questions to ask when buying a new car

The process might seem intimidating, but it's actually quite straightforward.
Shilpa Gulati creates robot brains.

A Waymo engineer reveals how the self-driving car company develops its robot brains

Shilpa Gulati leads Waymo's Behavior Prediction team. Her inspiration was reading Isaac Asimov's legendary robot stories when she was 12 years old.
People walk past a part of the wreckage at the scene of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 plane crash, near the town of Bishoftu, southeast of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Here are the most common reasons planes crash

Planes rarely crash due to a single factor. Rather, a plane crash is usually the culmination of a series of factors.
Grounded American Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 jets.

53% American adults say they don’t want to fly on a Boeing 737 Max

Business Insider polled more than 1,100 people and 53.09% of respondents said they would reschedule their flights if it was on a Boeing 737 Max.
A Boeing 737 Max 8.

Investigators are pouring over black box data from the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max to unlock the cause behind the crash. Here’s what a bla...

An airplane's black boxes are its flight data recorder (FDR) and the cockpit voice recorder (CVR). They aren't black, but actually bright orange.
Musk reveals the Model Y.

Elon Musk just revealed the Tesla Model Y — and he’s still the greatest car salesman who ever lived

Musk was at his best during the unveiling — in full-on salesman mode, both for the vehicle and for Tesla's vision.