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Cracking the Quadriga case has been near impossible.

Experts finally tracked down the digital wallets of the crypto CEO who died with sole access to millions. They say the money’s gone

Quadriga's CEO died with the passwords to $137 million in customers' cryptocurrency holdings. But the money's disappeared.
The cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows found 92 Bitcoin addresses had received payments through extortion.

Criminal groups are offering $360,000 salaries to accomplices who can help them scam CEOs about their porn-watching habits

Cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows reports that on average, a scammer can hope to get $540 from a 'sextortion' victim.

Introducing ‘JPM Coin’: JPMorgan will be the first major US bank to launch its own cryptocurrency

In a first for a major US bank, JPMorgan said on Thursday it would launch a cryptocurrency tied to the US dollar.

‘The bigger mystery is why anyone trusted Quadriga in the first place’: The story of the CEO who died with the passwords to $190 million o...

The missing funds and circumstances of the CEO's death have led to theories he faked his death in a scam. Then there was the odd way he ran the firm.

Bitcoin spikes sharply and suddenly

Bitcoin spiked suddenly around midday on Friday.The cryptocurrency was trading up 9%, and at its best level in a month.

Bitcoin sinks to its lowest level of the year

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, fell to its lowest since December 2017 early Monday.

JPMorgan says the only real use for cryptocurrencies will be in a post-capitalist dystopia

Cryptocurrencies going into 2018 looking like an asset on the up, it ended the year by falling spectacularly driving devotees apoplectic.

Malaysia to regulate initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency trade

Malaysia's finance minister said that the nation will regulate initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the trade of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin plunges sharply and suddenly

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies took a sharp and sudden turn lower Thursday morning, with the largest crypto by market cap falling below $3,800.