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Americans aren't the only ones eating at their desks.

6 bad American habits that are spreading around the world

As bad as it is to eat fast food and work all day, those habits seem to be slowly spreading around the world.

Britain’s retail sector got crushed in December — and Black Friday is to blame

"Consumers continue to move Christmas purchases earlier with higher spending in November and lower spending in December than seen in previous years."

Christmas shoppers can expect more deals this week than on Black Friday

Analysis by PwC said shoppers can expect more discounts from high street and online retailers than were seen over the Black Friday weekend.

Retail stocks are flying after good news about Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales

Several big retailers are trading much higher on Wednesday.

Amazon slides despite saying that Cyber Monday was its single-biggest shopping day ever

Amazon shares lost some ground despite an announcement that Cyber Monday was its biggest single shopping day ever.

The Nintendo Switch was the hottest product on Black Friday and Cyber Monday — and it wasn’t even on sale

Switch was the hottest online product on Black Friday and Cyber Monday without even being on sale, Jefferies finds.

Amazon smashed all records on Cyber Monday for its best day in history

Cyber Monday 2017 is now the single biggest shopping day in Amazon’s history, surpassing Prime Day 2017.

Amazon just revealed its best-selling Black Friday item that helped it dominate sales online

Amazon took the online-sales crown on Thanksgiving weekend, and it has a few of its devices to thank for that.

Black Friday is dead — and it’s being replaced by an even bigger shopping event

Analysts are proclaiming the death of Black Friday — and the rise of "Black November."