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Phoenix police released new surveillance footage from the case on Tuesday.

Phoenix police release new surveillance video showing the shoplifting incident that led to cops holding a family of 4 at gunpoint

Officers held Iesha Harper, Dravon Ames, and their two kids at gunpoint. New video appears to show Ames stealing underwear before the incident.
A 12-year-old boy can be seen pinned to the ground by police officers, wearing a "spit mask."

A viral video shows officers in Sacramento handcuffing a struggling 12-year-old boy and putting him in a ‘spit mask’ to ‘defuse the ...

The bystander's video, first released by Black Lives Matter Sacramento on May 8, sparked outrage at the level of force used against a small child.

Likely 2020 presidential contender Pete Buttigieg explains why he once said ‘all lives matter’

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg also said ending the death penalty should be part of criminal justice reform.

After the white cop who was accused of fatally shooting Antwon Rose was let off the hook, his family promised to challenge the ruling

Former Pennsylvania police officer Michael Rosfeld was acquitted Friday on all counts after he was charged with homicide in the death of Antwon Rose II.
Billy Byrd, left, sits with his 10-year-old son Nathan, right, as he speaks about a substitute teacher who taught his son's class.

A substitute teacher resigned after parents say she went on a rant in front of their 10-year-old kids, praising Trump and claiming MLK committed suici...

One parent, Billy Byrd, wrote on Facebook that the sub also told his 10-year-old son he was "marked for prison" because of the clothes he was wearing.
On a wet and rainy night, New York City police officers stand together, facing in the direction of Black Lives Matter protestors who are gathered in Times Square and demonstrating against police violence.

Emails show NYPD went undercover to Black Lives Matter protests and kept photos of activists for years

Newly discovered emails show how officers from the New York City Police Department went to extreme lengths to monitor active members of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Video surfaced over the weekend of a white man punching a black girl in the face, causing her to fall to the ground.

People are outraged after a bystander video emerged that shows a 6-foot-5, 250-pound white man punching an 11-year-old black girl in the face

A video emerged over the weekend that shows a white man shoving and punching a black girl in the face outside the Asheville Mall in North Carolina.
People from diverse backgrounds have come together to protest police violence in America.

There’s a growing debate over who qualifies as a ‘person of color’ — who is and isn’t included?

Some people say that Asian people aren't "people of color," but others say that idea plays into toxic stereotypes.
On Friday, former Dallas cop Amber Gugyer, left, was indicted on murder charges in the death of her neighbor Botham Jean, right.

Grand jury indicts Dallas cop who shot her black neighbor to death in his apartment

The indictment comes nearly three months after Amber Gugyer fatally shot Botham Jean in the Dallas apartment building where they both lived.
A woman dubbed "SouthPark Susan" was filmed harassing her black neighbors last month.

Charlotte Police are trying to charge a woman dubbed ‘SouthPark Susan’ who was filmed harassing her black neighbors — but they can&#...

Leisa and Mary Garris were waiting outside their apartment building for AAA on October 19 when 51-year-old Susan Westwood started harassing them.