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Swiss drug giant Roche reportedly readies to buy the biotech behind the first FDA-approved gene therapy and the priciest medicine in the US

Roche could pay $5 billion for biotech company Spark Therapeutics. The pharma giant likely wants to expand its presence in hemophilia, a lucrative market.

Blue light emitted by smartphones and laptops accelerates blindness by making a molecule in our eyes toxic, according to a new study

Blue light in our digital devices transforms molecules in the eye's retina into cell killers, according to a new study. Exposing blue light to cells triggers reactions that generate poisonous chemical molecules in photoreceptor cells, the researchers found.

This ‘Call of Duty’ player has racked up thousands of in-game kills despite his blindness – here’s how he does it

How does someone without vision play a complex game like "Call of Duty"?

The FDA just approved the first gene therapy to treat blindness

The treatment, called Luxturna, is for Leber congenital amaurosis, a hereditary form of blindness.

A first-of-its-kind treatment for blindness just got one step closer to approval

The treatment, called Luxturna, treats Leber congenital amaurosis, a hereditary form of blindness.

These graphs show how much Americans were freaking out about vision loss after the eclipse

According to Google Trends, search terms related to vision problems spiked in popularity Monday.

Common explains why he’s fighting against a blindness epidemic most people don’t know about

Common cares about people, and wants to use his voice to affect change.

A program to rescue 500,000 people from blindness could get a $100 million boost

The Himalayan Cataract Project is one of eight semi-finalists in the MacArthur Foundation's latest grant-giving contest.

This company is trying a radical approach to reverse a rare form of blindness

GenSight Biologics thinks the best way to reverse a rare form of blindness could come from injecting the eye with a virus carrying new genes.