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Exercise — like biking, walking, or active yoga — helps to control high blood pressure.

How to control high blood pressure and when to consider medication

To control high blood pressure, experts recommend home blood pressure monitoring, regular exercise, and diet adjustments.
You can lower blood pressure in just a few months with more exercise and slight weight loss.

How to effectively lower your blood pressure without medication

Research has found that regular physical activity and weight loss can lower blood pressure in just a few months. Here's what you need to know.
It's important to know your risk for high blood pressure and check your readings.

All your questions about high blood pressure, answered

High blood pressure is a common medical condition that can lead to heart disease, if it's left untreated. Here's how to know your risk and lower it.

10 common health conditions that may increase risk of death from the coronavirus, including diabetes and heart disease

Of COVID-19 patients who've died in Italy, 99% had at least one preexisting condition. Here's how much diabetes, hypertension, and others affect it.
A reading under 90/60 mm Hg indicates low blood pressure.

What low blood pressure means and when it’s an emergency

Low blood pressure is defined as 90/60 mm Hg or lower. Low blood pressure is usually only a concern when combined with symptoms like lightheadedness.
Don't consume caffeine at least 30 minutes before taking your blood pressure.

How to check blood pressure at home: Important steps before and during

For accurate readings, check your blood pressure twice a day, take five minutes to relax, and make sure you're following your monitor's directions.
Hypertension doesn't always exhibit symptoms, so it is important to get your blood pressure checked regularly.

What is hypertension? What high blood pressure means for you

If you have multiple blood pressure readings over 130/80 mm Hg, you might have hypertension, which can cause serious medical complications.
Drinking water can increase blood pressure and mediate certain forms of hypotension.

How to raise low blood pressure with water and salty snacks

You can quickly raise low blood pressure by drinking water and eating more salt. But other health conditions may require different methods.
High blood pressure, or hypertension, is caused by a combination of lifestyle factors and genetics.

What causes high blood pressure and how to know if you have hypertension

The causes of high blood pressure, or hypertension, can include unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and genetic risk factors.
Foods that can lower blood pressure include salmon, vegetables, and whole grains.

What foods lower blood pressure and make up the DASH diet

Foods that can help lower blood pressure include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and some fish. Many of these foods make up the DASH diet.