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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket successfully lifts off and lands back on the ground in textbook test flight

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' private rocket company, launched the New Shepard's rockets eighth test flight from West Texas on Sunday. It was the second time they were reusing the rocket, and the second time they had commercial customers' payload onboard.
Amazon founder and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos (L) announces plans to build a rocket manufacturing plant and launch site at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida September 15, 2015.

Jeff Bezos says he liquidates a whopping $1 billion of Amazon stock every year to pay for his rocket company, Blue Origin

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos called his aerospace company, Blue Origin, "the most important work" he's doing.

The brightest object in the night sky is a disco-ball-like satellite — and you can catch a glimpse of it now

The Humanity Star is part of California-based company Rocket Lab's splash into the global space-industry scene. It aims to send small payloads into orbit.
NASA is modifying and testing space shuttle engines for use on its new Space Launch System mega-rocket.

NASA just fired an old space shuttle engine at ‘113% thrust’ — and plans to use it on a new mega-rocket

The space agency is modifying old space shuttle engines for use on SLS, a 321-foot-tall mega-rocket that might send astronauts to the moon and Mars.

SpaceX may have just launched an ‘Apollo moment’ for the space industry — here’s how

John Young, a former Pentagon undersecretary, says the first launch of Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy rocket could open huge doors for the space industry.
"Mannequin Skywalker" in space strapped into Blu Origin's New Shepard rocket.

Watch the full 11-minute video of Jeff Bezos’ rocket company shooting a dummy into space and returning it to Earth

Watch Mannequin Skywalker go into space, courtesy of Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin.
Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket system launches in West Texas on December 12, 2017.

Jeff Bezos just launched a dummy called ‘Mannequin Skywalker’ into space and safely returned it to Earth

Video and photos of Blue Origin's test launch on Tuesday show the New Shepard rocket launching, deploying its Crew Capsule 2.0, and safely landing.

Thanks to Thanksgiving shoppers, Jeff Bezos is now the world’s only living $100-billion man

After a post-thanksgiving weekend rally of Amazon's stock, Jeff Bezos' net worth rose to $101 billion.
Elon Musk of SpaceX (left) and Jeff Bezos of Blue Origin (right) are caught in a new space race featuring reusable rocket systems.

SpaceX’s list of competitors is growing — here are 9 futuristic rockets in the pipeline for the new space race

Elon Musk's SpaceX gets a lot of deserved credit and attention for disrupting the aerospace industry, but it will soon be up against some intense competition.
Astronaut Scott Kelly floats inside the International Space Station.

Astronaut Scott Kelly: ‘I think that China will overtake the US in the space business — if we allow them to’

Scott Kelly, who lived in orbit for 520 days and flew on four missions, thinks China's prowess could soon rival that of NASA and the US space industry.