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One of the biggest names in blockchain just stepped down from her role as CEO

Blythe Masters has left Digital Asset for person reasons.

A hot finance startup led by a former JPMorgan high-flier has put together a dream team of hires

Digital Asset Holdings hired a dream team of high-profile senior execs across New York and Europe.

There is a ‘game changer’ technology on Wall Street and people keep confusing it with bitcoin

Blockchains are like Excel spreadsheets, but more secure — and there is no central authority needed to approve transactions.

Two of the best-known women on Wall Street are joining forces

Sallie Krawcheck is joining the board of Blythe Masters' company.

The great bitcoin gold rush may already be over

Bitcoin has regained its balance in the second half of the year as an asset class. Equity in startups in the space is a different story.

BLYTHE MASTERS: ‘Fear and greed’ will drive banks to the technology behind bitcoin

Blythe Masters thinks Wall Street banks will eventually accept blockchain technology, even if it takes five or 10 years.

Wall Street is trying to tap into the ‘enormous’ potential of the technology behind bitcoin

Bitcoin has gone from a hacker plaything to a mainstream financial instrument accepted in coffee shops.