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The new Land Rover Defender.

These are the hottest cars we can’t wait to see at the Frankfurt Motor Show

German automakers plan to stage numerous debuts. Land Rover, however, should also debut its much-anticipated Defender SUV.
Not a business guy.

With a US Department of Justice move against automakers, the Trump administration is now officially antibusiness

Trump is engaged in a battle with California over the state's prerogative to set its own emissions standards. Automakers are caught in the middle.

BMW, Daimler, and other auto stocks are crashing after China announced a 25% tariff on cars made in the US

Shares in BMW slumped by more than 2%, while Daimler stock dropped 1.5%.

These 13 brands have controversial, dark origins

A number of well-known brands have controversial links to World War II and the Holocaust, and some have taken action to make amends.

9 car companies that aren’t named after their founder

While many automakers are named after the people who founded them, others have a unique backstory to their now famous moniker.
Volkswagen's line of mobility concepts.

6 carmakers that are betting electric scooters and bikes — not cars — are the future of city transportation

From Volkswagen to BMW, these are all the automakers that have created electric micro-mobility products and concepts such as e-bikes and e-scooters.
European car sales look set for a second annual decline

European car sales took a dive in June — and the industry looks set to drop for a second straight year

Daimler has issued a profit warning and BMW has issued a quarterly automotive division loss due to the fall in sales.
Top down and stylin'!

I drove a $126,000 BMW M850i convertible to find out if the beastly drop-top is worth the price — here’s the verdict

The BMW M850i convertible is a stylish throwback with a powerful engine that nonetheless comes packed with high-tech features.
The Tesla Model 3.

It doesn’t matter whether Tesla delivers 90,000 cars or 900,000 in the 2nd quarter — what’s more important is whether Tesla goes mas...

Fixations on Tesla deliveries is pointless. They should take a back seat to Tesla's decision about focusing on premium versus mass-market sales.
The Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

The most reliable sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks for 2019

The Porsche 911 was named the most reliable car for the second consecutive year in JD Power's 2019 rankings of the most reliable vehicles.