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Trump’s trade war is starting to whack car companies like Ford, Honda, and BMW

President Donald Trump's tariffs on steel and Chinese goods are starting to impact the bottom line of major automakers like BMW, Ford and Honda. BMW exports form South Carolina have taken a dip following the China tariffs, while Ford and Honda are losing millions from the steel tariff.
MINI Living's Beijing prototype

BMW designed these tiny luxury cabins for city life — take a look inside

As part of its MINI Living design series, BMW has debuted a series of urban cabins, which offer a temporary space that's even smaller than the standard tiny home.
Mercedes-AMG E43 sedan.

These are the 15 safest cars and SUVs money can buy for 2018

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has honored 15 vehicles with their Top Safety Pick+ honor. Hyundai Motors led the way with six winners while Subaru followed with four Top Safety Pick+ honors.

The 11 new cars people most regularly ditch after just one year of ownership

The automotive search engine iSeeCars.com analyzed the 24 million new car sales over a two-year period in order to figure out which cars are most frequently sold after being purchased. Mercedes-Benz and BMW brand models are resold at a significantly higher rate.
Our BMW X5 xDrive40e iPerformance hybrid.

We drove a $64,000 BMW X5 and a $65,000 Audi Q7 to find the winner in our battle of luxury SUVs — here’s the verdict

The BMW X5 and the Audi Q7 are two of the most popular luxury SUVs in the US. The Audi Q7 starts at $49,900 while our top-of-the-line V6 Prestige trim test car starts at $65,400. The BMW X5 starts $57,200 while our xDrive40e iPerformance hybrid tester starts at $63,750.
The Kia Stinger.

The Kia Stinger is one of the best cars I’ve driven all year — here’s how it will make trouble for the best vehicles from BMW

The Kia Stinger combines style, value, and performance in an appealing four-door package. We've driven the car three times in 2018 and have come away very impressed. BMW might make be the ultimate driving machine, but the Kia Stinger matches up pretty well against what the best bimmer has to offer.
The 2019 BMW 3 Series.

BMW reveals its all-new 3 Series and it has a high-tech feature that could give it an edge against Audi and Mercedes

The next generation 2019 BMW 3 Series arrives in US showroom in March 2019. The BMW 330i will go on sale in March 2019 while the M340i is expected to arrive sometime in the spring. The 2019 BMW 330i will start at $40,200.

BMW’s new electric SUV concept is loaded with impressive tech — here’s a look at its best features

BMW recently unveiled an electric concept SUV, the Vision iNEXT, with plans for the vehicle to enter the market in 2021. BMW plans the car to be highly automated, fully electric, and completely emission free.
BMW's Vision iNEXT.

BMW just unveiled a new electric SUV concept to take on Tesla’s Model X — take a closer look

BMW unveiled an electric concept SUV, the Vision iNEXT, on Saturday. The concept shows some of the technology the company may use in the future. A production vehicle based on the concept is planned for 2021.
A 2018 Porsche Macan.

Here are the 13 best cars of 2018

JD Power released its annual ranking of the highest-rated vehicles for 2018. Porsche dominated the list with four of the top 13 cars. Hyundai's new Genesis luxury brand impressed with two cars on the list.