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Snowflake Computing CEO Bob Muglia

The exec that survived two humiliating demotions under Steve Ballmer has triumphed again: His startup is now worth $3.5 billion

Bob Muglia has rebounded from a harsh, public career crash to lead Snowflake Computing into a hot computer storage startup that's now valued at $3.5 billion after a new round of a funding
Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia, center, said he thinks the company is just a few years out of an IPO.

Snowflake’s CEO shares how he get got a $1.5 billion valuation from Sequoia Capital just four years out of stealth mode

Microsoft veteran Bob Muglia shares why he's not rushing into China, and what he sees for the future of cloud computing.
Snowflake Computing CEO Bob Muglia.

How ex-Microsoft exec Bob Muglia triumphed over two humiliating demotions to become CEO of hot startup Snowflake

He found his bootstraps and positive attitude and took the lessons he learned — good and bad — to his first CEO role.