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Stephen Colbert taunts the ‘fallen’ Bobby Jindal campaign in ‘Hunger Games’-style farewell

Stephen Colbert said farewell to the 'fallen' Jindal campaign.

‘It’s been a bizarre race’: How one of the GOP’s brightest rising stars flamed out

He reported having only about $261,000 in cash on hand at the end of the third fundraising quarter, which his advisers said ended up forcing his hand.

Aziz Ansari rips Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign with this impression on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

Science and polling numbers are a mystery to presidential candidate Bobby Jindal in Aziz Ansari's impression of the politician.

Here are the best moments from the early Republican debate

The hour-long contest included candidates who did not garner the average 2.5% support in select national polls necessary to qualify for the main-stage debate.