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Yemeni-Americans in New York City are boycotting the New York Post after a damning Ilhan Omar cover story

New York City Yemeni-Americans are boycotting the New York Post over a cover image by the tabloid featuring the 9/11 terror attacks and Ilhan Omar.

We hunted down the controversial ‘Bodega’ vending machine and found one in the wild – here’s what it’s like

We found one of the kiosks from Bodega, the startup that has enraged the internet.

‘Bodega’ startup forced to apologize after furious criticism of its name

Bodega, the startup that hopes to put vending machines in offices, gyms, and apartment lobbies, apologized for its name.

Ex-Googlers raised millions for a startup that replaces mom-and-pop stores with vending machines, and people are losing it

Called Bodega, a new startup aims to replace the corner store with an interactive box placed in apartment buildings, college dorms, and gyms.