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Police body-cam footage shows Miami-Dade police responding to reports of an active shooter at a Trump resort in Florida.

Dramatic police body-cam footage shows part of a shootout that unfolded at a Trump resort in Florida

Gunman Jonathan Oddi entered the hotel in the early hours of Friday morning screaming anti-Trump rhetoric. Footage shows an officer firing his weapon outside the hotel and golf course and firing his weapon as shots ring out from within.

The company that’s supposed to protect America’s cops is being accused of some shady stuff

Taser, the maker of the ubiquitous electrical weapons and body cameras, is in the midst of an ugly lawsuit.

You could soon look up body cam footage from your local police online

By the middle of 2017, a new service could allow ordinary citizens to look up body camera footage from their local police department.

North Carolina passed a law exempting police camera footage from the public record

"We've learned if you immediately release a video, sometimes it distorts the entire picture. "

Former police officers are intensely divided over the use of body cameras

The recent killings of two black men by police officers have drawn attention to body cameras as a solution to hold police accountable for their actions.

The NYPD is charging a news station $36,000 to view police body cam footage

The station is suing the police department for its "unreasonable bar to public access."