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Thousands of JFK travellers had their flights delayed and canceled this weekend after a brutal winter storm hit the region.

JFK airport terminal evacuated after water main breaks and floods baggage claim

It's the latest round of bad news for JFK travelers, many of whom have been stranded at the airport since a winter storm hit the region.

The effects of a winter ‘bomb-cyclone’ could produce a minus-100-degree wind chill in one part of New Hampshire

The frigid winter storm has already produced miserable weather conditions from the Midwest to the Northeast US.
A woman photographs a frozen fountain in Bryant Park, January 3, 2018 in New York City.

Photos show how a winter ‘bomb cyclone’ pummeled New York City with snow and ice

A 'bomb cyclone' hit New York City early Thursday morning and covered streets and buildings in snow. Bitter temperatures are following.
Boston firefighters wade through a street flooded from tidal surge during Storm Grayson in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., January 4, 2018.

A ‘bomb cyclone’ flooded downtown Boston and trapped cars in ice — here’s what it looked like on the ground

After a Nor'easter's frigid stormwater swept through the Boston area, several residents woke up to their cars frozen in ice.
The January 2018 "bomb cyclone" winter storm as seen from space.

Stunning photos from space show the ‘bomb cyclone’ snowstorm blasting the US East Coast

Spacecraft are photographing an intense winter storm that's pummeling the eastern US with coastal flooding and blizzard-like snow and wind conditions.