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China will raise a record $6 billion through bond sale that saw massive demand

Investors placed orders for more $20 billion worth of the dollar bonds, according to a report from Bloomberg.
Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer giant Juventus is tapping the bond market to cash in on star player Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus wants to sell €150 million of bonds ($169 million; £132 million) to capitalize on the Portuguese star's commercial potential.

Saudi Arabia lured in a whopping $27 billion in orders for the kingdom’s first bond sale since the Khashoggi murder

Saudi Arabia has tapped international debt markets for the first time since the murder. Demand shows investors haven't been swayed by the PR disaster.
CVS Health President and CEO Larry J. Merlo

CVS is borrowing a near-record $40 billion to bankroll a deal that hasn’t even been approved

The offering, which will be the third-biggest on record, is being done now because CVS wants to avoid the higher interest rates expected later in 2018.
Boris Batin, CEO and cofounder of ID Finance.

Online lending startup ID Finance plans to raise $100 million in the next year

Cofounder and CEO Boris Batin told Business Insider at the LendIt Europe conference that ID Finance hopes to raise the money through a series of bond issuances.