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Bonobos Tech line of clothing is made for men on the move.

Bonobos released a new line of high-tech clothes — and it shows how the brand is evolving

Bonobos has a new line of clothing they're calling the "tech pack." The new line consists of sophisticated garments made with a proprietary high-tech fabric. Here's how it's changing the game for guy's clothing.
Looks from Terra & Sky and George.

Walmart is releasing 4 new clothing brands — and they look a lot like the apparel startups it’s spent hundreds of millions acquiring

Walmart is focusing on trendy new private brands to sell in stores and online. Fans of Bonobos and Modcloth will find the styles familiar.

Bonobos is releasing a new pair of underwear unlike anything else on the market

Bonobos' new underwear has specific numerical sizing, just like a pair of pants, to make it fit better.
Monica Royer opened Monica + Andy's New York store on the Upper West Side after online sales showed this was where many of their customers lived.

Retail CEO explains why stores are still relevant as the industry reaches a tipping point

Monica + Andy is an online baby's clothing brand founded by Monica Royer, sister of Bonobos' Andy Dunn. As brands move online, Monica + Andy is opening stores.

Walmart just sent a clear message about the future of Jet

Bonobos and Modcloth may be owned by Walmart, but you probably won't ever see them on Walmart.com or in Walmart stores.

Bonobos founder says he isn’t worried about backlash after ‘selling out’ to Walmart — here’s why

While Bonobos is facing backlash after news broke that the brand will be acquired by Walmart, the founder isn't scared of criticism killing the menswear brand.

‘My immediate thought was no way:’ Why Bonobos’ founder made the ‘contrarian’ decision to sell his brand to Walmart

"Our company exists as a series of contrarian decisions," Bonobos founder and CEO said after sales to Walmart.

Bonobos introduced a solution for guys who are too tall or too short for regular shirts

At Bonobos, you can now pick your shirt length just like you would with a suit jacket.

Walmart’s possible takeover of Bonobos is infuriating some fans of the high-end menswear brand

"I know I'm not the only one who would never admit to wearing Bonobos if Walmart buys them. They have no business owning a high-end brand."