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Ben, 10, and Carter Wilson, 8, raised money for migrants with a lemonade stand in Kansas.

‘I just hope they can have a normal life in America’: 2 boys from Kansas sell lemonade to raise money for migrant children at the border

Ben and Carter Wilson ran a lemonade stand to raise funds last week for Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), which provides legal help to migrant children.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attends a news conference near the U.S.-Mexico border (background), outside Laredo, Texas.

58 former national security officials will issue a statement rebuking Trump’s national emergency declaration for the border

58 former national security officials will issue a statement rebuking Trump's declaration of a national emergency to build a wall at the southern border of the US.

Most Americans don’t think there’s a crisis at the US-Mexico border — including the people who live closest to it

President Donald Trump often cites a "security crisis" at the border, fueled by drugs, illegal immigration, and crime. But Americans aren't buying it.

Ivanka Trump hasn’t posted a photo of her kids since May — and there’s a likely explanation

Ivanka Trump was criticized for sharing cozy photos of herself and her children amid reports of immigrant children being separated from their parents. She hasn't posted a photo of her children since May 27.

‘Where are the girls?’: Reporters press the Trump administration to release information and images of detained migrant girls and toddlers

Images of detained migrant children released by the government in recent days have not pictured girls or toddlers, prompted many on social media to ask: "Where are the girls?"

Trump’s aides are reportedly showing him photos of detained children smiling and playing video games

As images and audio of distressed migrant children detained on the border saturate the news media, President Donald Trump is reportedly being shown more positive images of the children separated from their parents under a new "zero tolerance" immigration policy implemented by his administration.

Video shows Chinese and Indian troops clashing with stones high along their border in the Himalayas

Chinese and Indian troops came to blows in the western Himalayas on August 15 amid another border dispute between the two countries farther east.

After a year of isolation, ‘the most miserable country in the world’ is ‘interested in a new beginning’

"The closure of the border has been a total disaster. In fact, things have gotten worse."