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A temporary border barrier in France.

Photos show the emergency makeshift borders European countries have erected in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19

A key tenant of the European Union is freedom of movement for people, goods, and ideas. COVID-19 is forcing some countries to put that on hold.
Migrants hold hands as they cross the border between the U.S. and Mexico at the Rio Grande river, on their way to enter El Paso, Texas, on May 20, 2019 as taken from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The location is in an area where migrants frequently turn themselves in and ask for asylum in the U.S. after crossing the border. Approximately 1,000 migrants per day are being released by authorities in the El Paso sector of the U.S.-Mexico border amidst a surge in asylum seekers arriving at the Southern border.

A 6-month-old baby girl apprehended at the US-Mexico border who was rushed to a hospital for a medical emergency is now in stable condition

CBP confirms that a 6-month-old baby girl is in stable condition after taken by helicopter to hospital after crossing the Rio Grande with her father.

Border Patrol agents say Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ border policy isn’t immediately working, and officials are bracing for an &#...

The Trump administration's recent efforts to crack down on the US-Mexico border by deploying National Guard troops and separating migrant parents from their children has reportedly failed so far to deter illegal border crossings.
John Kelly, the White House chief of staff.

John Kelly: It’s not ‘cruel’ to separate families at the border — children will be ‘put into foster care or whateverR...

The White House chief of staff, John Kelly, defended the Trump administration's practice of separating parents from their children at the border, telling NPR that "the children will be taken care of — put into foster care or whatever."

Sessions threatens to split children from their parents if they cross the border illegally: ‘If you don’t like that, then don’t smug...

The Trump administration said it will criminally prosecute 100% of illegal border-crossing cases, separating potentially thousands of migrant children from their parents if they are convicted and jailed. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, "If you don't like that, then don't smuggle children."
Annual southern border arrests between 2000 and 2017.

Border-crossing arrests are at historic lows — but Trump is still bemoaning a ‘drastic surge’ in illegal immigration

Arrests for illegal US border crossing have been falling for years, and now hover near the bottom of a 40-year low, Customs and Border Protection data show.