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Theresa May's premiership remains in peril

‘We’re looking into the abyss’: Conservative MPs are on the brink of bringing down Theresa May

The prime minister came perilously close to losing her grip on power this week, and she remains on the brink of being brought down.
Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, listens during a visit to a Metropolitan Police wildlife crime unit in London

Boris Johnson accuses Theresa May of seeking ‘Brexit in name only’ in damning resignation speech

Boris Johnson addressed MPs for the first time since he resigned last week over Theresa May's Brexit plans.
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson addresses a special session of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in the Hague, Netherlands June 26, 2018.

How Boris Johnson could still become prime minister

Having resigned as Foreign Secretary on Monday, Boris Johnson's route to higher office looks harder than ever. However, despite everything, he retains a narrow route to power.
British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Why Theresa May’s Conservative enemies cannot yet force her out

Despite two high-profile Cabinet resignations and accusations of betrayal, Theresa May is still in office. Here's why.
Boris Johnson.

Here’s Boris Johnson’s full resignation letter: ‘We are truly headed for the status of colony’

British foreign secretary Boris Johnson has resigned over Theresa May's plans for Brexit, warning that the Brexit "dream is dying."

The British pound dives after Boris Johnson resigns as Foreign Secretary

Johnson's resignation marks a major blow to the stability of May's government, with speculation it could collapse already rife.
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson resigns as foreign secretary in major Brexit blow to Theresa May

The foreign secretary follows the former UK Brexit Secretary David Davis in standing down from the government.
Theresa May addresses members of her cabinet at an all-day Brexit session in Chequers, the Prime Minister's country retreat in Buckinghamshire.

One detail from Theresa May’s Brexit summit shows how tough it will now be for a hard Brexit to survive

A pointed statement from Theresa May saying she will reimpose "collective responsibility" on her cabinet means that many backers of an abrupt divergence from the European Union will find themselves effectively silenced.
British Airways aircraft taxi at Heathrow Airport near London

MPs approve plans to expand Heathrow Airport as colleagues criticise Boris Johnson for missing crucial vote

MPs have voted in favour of plans to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport as Conservative colleagues openly criticised Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for missing the vote. Johnson previously vowed to "lie down in front of the bulldozers" to oppose the plans.
Boris Johnson, who once got stuck on a zipline, has a new idea for a bridge.

Boris Johnson thinks we ought to think ‘seriously’ about building a massive bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland, despite the 1 mi...

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