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Boris Johnson Meets EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

The EU is planning to give the UK a much worse trade deal after Brexit than either Canada or Japan

The EU is planning to offer UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson a much worse trade deal than it has given other countries.
Donald Trump

The United States’ main allies are abandoning Trump as his threats to world leaders backfire

European leaders are talking openly about loosening Europe's alliance with the United States as President Donald Trump alienates long-standing allies.
France's President Emmanuel Macron and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel look at U.S. President Donald Trump during a family photo opportunity at the NATO leaders summit in Watford, Britain December 4, 2019..JPG

Trump has run out of options and is asking US allies for help with Iran, but they’ve already abandoned him

Trump has spent much of his presidency insulting NATO allies and went against the UK, France, and Germany in withdrawing the US from the nuclear deal.
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s own official government figures shows Brexit will make British people much poorer

The UK government's own analysis suggests the UK economy will grow by almost 7% less than if the UK stays in the EU.
EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan

The EU’s trade chief says it’s ‘just not possible’ for Boris Johnson to agree a Brexit trade deal by the end of 2020

The EU's trade commissioner Phil Hogan says Johnson will not be able to keep his promise to secure a new free trade deal with the EU this year.

Iran’s president says he does not know what Boris Johnson ‘is thinking’ after the UK prime minister called for a Trump nuclear deal

Johnson said that world leaders should replace the current Iran nuclear deal, which took nearly a decade to secure, with a 'Trump deal.'

‘Donald Trump is watching closely’: US officials amped up pressure on the UK to ditch Huawei at a potential cost of $8.8 billion

A delegation of US officials was sent to the UK on Monday to convince the UK to ban Huawei equipment from its 5G infrastructure.

Boris Johnson wants to strike a new ‘Trump deal’ to replace the Iran nuclear agreement, which took 9 years to complete

The UK Prime Minister said "we've got to stop the Iranians acquiring a nuclear weapon," and that if Obama's deal doesn't work, a new one is needed.

Boris Johnson will not be able to ‘get Brexit done’ by the end of 2020

A new Institute For Government report says the UK government will 'certainly be unable' to complete key Brexit preparation in time.
Donald Trump

The UK is abandoning its alliance with Trump as the United States ‘withdraws from its leadership around the world’

Donald Trump's decision to assassinate Qassem Soleimani has triggered a major rupture between the US and its closest ally in the United Kingdom.