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35 clever presents for coworkers that they’ll actually be happy to receive

We rounded up a master list of 35 of the best Christmas presents for coworkers that they will actually want from you — all under $50.
You'll face situations where you can't do everything that is being asked of you.

Here’s exactly how to tell your boss you have too much work without saying ‘no’

Effective managers delegate tasks that are high priority and saying "no" can leave the wrong impression. Here's what you can say instead.

22 work-appropriate yet thoughtful gifts for your boss — all under $50

These thoughtful gifts for boss maintain professionalism — but still get the message across that you appreciate their hard work.
"You hire adults, you treat them like adults," said Bharath Jayaraman, pictured.

An HR exec who’s worked at Facebook and Amazon says no one should become a manager without taking a key step

Before making someone a people boss, make sure to give them some management experience, so they know what they're getting into.
So long, friend.

17 signs someone might be about to quit their job

Experts say a variety of signs could indicate that an employee may be about to quit their job, including a change in how they dress, how they interact with coworkers, and their behavior in meetings. Keep reading for a full list of indicators that an employee may be about to quit.
"What impact am I having?" asks Justin Angsuwat, pictured.

A former Google HR exec says too many people make the same mistake when trying to impress their boss

You won't wow your boss by doing absolutely everything. Instead, prioritize the work that will have the most impact — and say "no" to everything else.
Leadership is about how you work to support others, says Traci Wilk, pictured.

An HR exec who’s worked at Starbucks and Coach shares the best way to impress your boss

Wow your boss by stepping up to tackle important challenges outside your role or department. It will show that you have the mindset of a leader.
Are you besties with your boss?

Forget the traditional boss-employee relationship — people are saying they have their boss’ phone number, have met their partners, and hav...

People are becoming friendlier than ever with their bosses — but some career experts still advise against blurring the lines too much.
Show your boss that you're competent.

Here’s exactly what to say to show your boss that you’re good at your job

When you face a problem at work, how you communicate it to your manager can have a big impact on whether you move to the next level in your career.
Start your email with a question.

Here’s exactly how to write an email so your super busy boss gets back to you

When you email your boss, be sure to start the message with a phrase like, "Do you think...?" Then outline a potential solution to the problem.