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Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad is sparking threats of boycott.

People are threatening to boycott Nike and buy Adidas and New Balance in response to a new ad starring Colin Kaepernick

Nike is seeing backlash online following the release of a new ad starring Colin Kaepernick, with critics threatening to boycott the brand.

People are threatening to boycott a beloved hot-dog brand because its executive chairman — one of Trump’s best friends — is holding ...

Nathan's Hot Dogs is facing backlash after a report that its executive chairman is holding a fundraiser for President Donald Trump this week. Howard Lorber, the hot dog chain's executive chairman and one of Trump's best friends, is holding a fundraiser for the president on Friday.
Ivanka Trump is closing her fashion label.

People are congratulating the leaders of a massive anti-Trump boycott for shutting down Ivanka Trump’s fashion line

Ivanka Trump announced she is closing her fashion label. The brand has been the target of a boycott movement for the past two years. Boycotters of the brand are now celebrating on social media.

Fox News blasts Parkland survivor’s campaign against Laura Ingraham as an attempt ‘to silence diverse viewpoints by agenda-driven intimida...

Fox News issued a statement slamming Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg after he called for advertisers to cut ties with host Laura Ingraham's show. "Fox News will never tolerate or give in to attempts to silence diverse viewpoints by agenda-driven intimidation efforts," the network said.

Video shows a black man confronting a Starbucks barista about why he was apparently denied access to bathroom while a white man was not

A new video appears to show Starbucks workers refusing to allow a black man to use the bathroom while giving a white man access.

Parkland survivor David Hogg urges Arby’s boycott over Fox News ties

David Hogg, a Parkland shooting survivor, is calling for a boycott of Arby's until the chain stops advertising on Laura Ingraham's Fox News show.

A pet-food company is pulling commercials from a Fox News show after the host mocked a Parkland shooting survivor

Nutrish became the first company to publicly discuss plans to pull its ads from Laura Ingraham's program following David Hogg's call for boycott.

‘The NRA uses UPS’: FedEx doubles down on its NRA ties by shifting focus to one of its biggest rivals

FedEx on Tuesday doubled down on its decision to continue offering discounts for members of the National Rifle Association.

FedEx breaks its silence with a promise to stay loyal to the NRA amid boycott threats — but says it doesn’t agree with the gun group

"FedEx opposes assault rifles being in the hands of civilians," FedEx said in a statement. But, NRA members will still receive discounts.
Demonstrators lie on the ground during a "lie-in" demonstration supporting gun-control reform near the White House.

Companies are being bombarded with boycott threats from the right and left over their NRA ties — and it reveals a dark truth about America

Activists supporting and opposing stricter gun regulations are taking sides in America's latest round of boycotts.