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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made $42.9 million in its last fiscal year — up 65% from the year before

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella brought home a lot more cash, thanks to a raise and the vesting of a stock grant.
Taylor Swift at the 2014 Met Gala.

Taylor Swift once threatened to sue Microsoft over its chatbot Tay, which Twitter manipulated into a bile-spewing racist

Microsoft President Brad Smith was on vacation when he received a legal threat from Taylor Swift over Microsoft's use of the name "Tay."
Alex Stamos, Facebook's chief security officer, said the company should hire a new CEO.

Facebook’s former security chief says Mark Zuckerberg has too much power and needs to step down as CEO

Alex Stamos, who previously led Facebook's security efforts, said the company should get a new CEO as a way to curtail Mark Zuckerberg's power.
Microsoft President Brad Smith.

Microsoft took an ethical stand on facial recognition just days after being blasted for a sinister AI project in China

Microsoft President Brad Smith cited human rights concerns, saying the tech would end up disproportionately targeting women and ethnic minorities.
Microsoft's Face API.

Microsoft: It would be cruel to stop government agencies using facial recognition software

Microsoft President Brad Smith told Business Insider said prohibiting facial recognition sales could halt good work, such as diagnosing rare diseases.
Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith

The president of Microsoft says top leaders at the world’s biggest tech companies meet regularly to talk about the major issues facing Silicon V...

Microsoft's Brad Smith says that the tech industry gets together to talk about regulation and whatever else is on their mind.

Microsoft President Brad Smith says these are the 10 biggest challenges facing tech in 2019

Microsoft CEO Brad Smith predicts tech will have to tackle artificial intelligence, US/China relations, state-sponsored cyberattacks, and more.
Sheryl Sandberg

Mark Zuckerberg has reached out to Microsoft president Brad Smith, which is bad for Sheryl Sandberg because it shows how messy things have gotten unde...

Zuckerberg has spoken to Microsoft president, Brad Smith, about the possibility of joining Facebook, which doesn't bode well for Sheryl Sandberg.
Brad Smith, Microsoft's president and chief legal counsel.

Microsoft president calls for government regulation of facial-recognition technology to ‘ensure that the year 2024 doesn’t look like a pag...

Microsoft president Brad Smith warned that if government use of facial-recognition tech wasn't regulated, our future could become Orwellian.
Microsoft's chief lawyer Brad Smith

Microsoft’s top lawyer says it’ll never shy away from providing AI-powered weapons to the US military: ‘We at Microsoft have their b...

Microsoft President Brad Smith offers a dig at Google while confirming that his company is happy to pursue the enormous defense market and fulfill what it sees as its patriotic duty.