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It's not clear whether obesity causes brain changes or vice versa.

Researchers scanned obese teens’ brains and found damage in areas linked to emotion and reward

The small study supports earlier research that obesity is associated with changes in the brain, but which comes first isn't clear.
Eastern equine encephalitis is a potential deadly but rare disease that causes brain damage.

A 14-year-old girl in Michigan was put on a ventilator after contracting EEE. The rare mosquito-borne virus kills a third of people infected, and it&#...

One woman in Massachusetts has already died from the disease, which is also in Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and Delaware.
Iain Glen (R) and wife Charlotte Emmerson.

Emilia Clarke told her ‘Game of Thrones’ costar Iain Glen to get on a flight when his wife had a brain hemorrhage while they were shooting...

Emilia Clarke — who suffered two brain aneurysms while filming "Game of Thrones" — was among the cast who told Glen to fly home.
Doctors diagnosed him with neurocysticercosis.

A teen died after tapeworm eggs hatched and formed cysts in his brain

When a teenager started having severe seizures, he was taken to the emergency room, where doctors determined his brain was filled with tapeworm eggs.

What air pollution does to your body and brain

Breathing bad air doesn't feel good, and it also does more than just make it harder to breathe. It can change the way children's brains develop and make older adults more likely to succumb to congnitive decline.

Soccer heading can lead to brain damage and mid-life dementia — here’s what should be done

Many parents encourage their children to play soccer, since it's considered a non-contact sport. But the latest research casts doubt on that assumption.