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Can you spot the bear holding the heart?

It takes an average of 3 minutes and 16 seconds to solve this Valentine’s Day puzzle — how long does it take you?

You're looking for a bear holding a heart, rather than a bow and arrow, in this Valentine's Day brainteaser.
There are presents hidden in this puzzle.

Can you spot the hidden presents in this puzzle in under 45 seconds?

The puzzle was created to help raise awareness for an organization that ensures every child gets a present for the holidays.
There are holiday songs hidden in this brainteaser.

How many Christmas songs can you find hidden in this holiday brainteaser?

In this holiday brainteaser, characters and decorations depict Christmas songs including "White Christmas" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside."
An elf fell off Santa's sleigh.

Can you solve this Christmas-themed brainteaser in under 2 minutes?

The average time it takes to find the hidden elf is apparently 1 minute, 46 seconds — how fast are you?
A new holiday brainteaser was released.

Can you spot the hidden reindeer in this tricky holiday brainteaser?

The hidden reindeer is actually a robot. How long will it take you to find it hidden among a collage of normal reindeer?
Can you spot him?

It takes the average person almost 3 minutes to find the dog hiding among the polar bears in this brainteaser. How long does it take you?

There's a dog somewhere in there, hiding behind all those polar bears. How long will it take you to find it?
This brainteaser is hiding a puppy.

Can you find the hidden puppy in this holiday brainteaser?

A dog is hiding among a sea of gifts, Santa hats, and gingerbread men in this holiday-themed brainteaser. How quickly can you find it?
How many triangles do you see in this shape?

Less than 1% of people get a perfect score on this brainteaser. Can you spot the hidden shapes in these images?

People who are 55 and older had a more difficult time solving this brainteaser, according to Lenstore.
This is a scary hard brainteaser.

The average person takes 15 seconds to find the hidden bat in this brainteaser. How long does it take you?

Just in time for Halloween, this brainteaser challenges you to find a hidden bat. Can you do better than the average time?
Math is hard.

15 tricky children’s test questions that stumped the internet

Sometimes children's homework questions are even too complicated for their parents. Here are 15 questions for kids that stumped adults.