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For the first time in a decade, the latest version of Android isn’t named after a dessert

Sorry, dessert fans — Google's dropping the sweets-centric naming convention for Android in favor of something everyone can read more easily.
Apple's 1977 logo overhaul.

From the Amazon arrow to the Starbucks mermaid, here are the 15 most drastic logo changes in branding history

There are logos that have been deliberately untouched. Then there are brands that have constantly changed their look, like Pepsi and Apple.
Burger King CMO Fernando Machado reveals why the chain's uniforms look like Whoppers.

Burger King’s CMO explains why the chain’s uniforms look like its most famous menu item

Burger King CMO Fernando Machado reveals how the brand decided to put Whopper stripes on its uniforms.

We asked a group of graphic-design experts to rate the 2020 presidential candidates’ logos, and they were not impressed

A presidential candidate's logo can greatly influence how successful they are. These are the 2020 candidates' logos, rated by graphic design experts.

10 of the most controversial company rebrands

From Dunkin' Donuts becoming Dunkin' to Toys 'R' Us turning into Geoffrey's Toy Box, take a look at some of the biggest recent company rebrands.
Chiquita is just one company with a controversial mascot.

7 food logos and mascots that didn’t age well

From Aunt Jemima pancakes to Land O' Lakes butter, these are the food logos and mascots that did not stand the test of time.
Laura Belgray.

The same thing I was bullied for in middle school became the foundation of my successful business

Laura Belgray built her own successful business by being unabashedly herself — the same thing she was bullied for in middle school.

I name brands and companies for a living — here’s what it takes to succeed as a ‘professional namer’

Professional namers come up with brand names and product titles. Professional namer Rob Meyerson spoke with 10 other namers, and shares some of their top tips that anyone can learn about coming up with great names for brands and companies, and honing their creative processes.
David Krippendorf and Ryan Tseng on a 2014 episode of "Shark Tank."

Two entrepreneurs who appeared on ‘Shark Tank’ scored $100,000, but a piece of advice from one of the Sharks ended up being much more impo...

The entrepreneurs behind Kitchen Safe, a time-lock container, scored a $100,000 deal on a 2014 episode of "Shark Tank." But the more important takeaway for them was advice they received from guest Shark Nick Woodman, the CEO of GoPro.