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Brazilian soldiers patrol the Kelson's slum during an operation against crime in Rio de Janeiro, February 20, 2018.

Brazil has committed to an ‘extreme measure’ to combat crime in Rio — and it could be a model for the rest of the country

Brazil's legislature approved a military intervention in Rio, and government officials say it could be a model for other troubled parts of the country.

Violence in Rio de Janeiro has gotten so bad a newspaper is covering it in the ‘war’ section

In the year since the Rio Olympics, the economy has crumbled and violence has flared, and police are turning to old, unreliable methods to fight it.

Brazil’s latest corruption scandal appears to be rotting one of its major exports

Allegations of bribery in Brazil's meat industry have worried international markets and imperiled the South American country's economic recovery.

‘I have never faced a crisis like this’: Rio’s problems are growing worse as the Olympics get closer

"I would tell [visitors] not to come here — that they're running an enormous risk," a lifeguard in Rio reportedly said.

The Olympics are 2 months away, and Rio has a huge police-brutality problem

"The only part of the state that goes inside these areas is the police. Other parts ... have to go inside the favelas as well," a Rio police official said.

Brazilians are using a demonic chant to protest their new president

It turns out removing President Dilma Rousseff wasn't enough.

A glorious market rally is almost dead

Politics doesn't change the fact that economic fundamentals remain weak. Here's the key bit to watch, according to UBS: It's all about credit.

Brazil’s latest political shake-up is horrible news for its economy

Rousseff will do whatever it takes to remain in power.