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Chicken and waffles are wildly popular.

14 of the best breakfast foods you can eat around the US

In different regions of America, you can find some seriously delicious breakfast treats to add to your bucket list.

‘Slime-coloured’ kaya and egg whites with the clarity of ‘dead fish eyes’: National Geographic description of traditional brea...

The article is actually about a foreign writer's obsession for kaya and love of the Singapore culture.

McDonald’s sells ‘youtiao’ in the US: New Donut Sticks almost identical to traditional dough sticks, Chinese say

Without the sugar topping, the similarity in taste of a McDonald's Donut Stick to a Chinese youtiao goes up to "95 per cent".
Which frozen waffle reigns supreme?

We tried 3 popular brands of frozen waffles — here’s the one you’ll want to eat on a lazy Sunday morning

INSIDER compared Van's, Kashi, and Eggo waffles to see which frozen waffle brand reigned supreme.
Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

There’s even more evidence that skipping breakfast might help you lose weight

Despite what you might assume, researchers found that skipping breakfast doesn't mean you consume more calories later in the day.

I’m a Brit who just tried American kids’ breakfast cereals for the first time ever — here’s the verdict

American cereals are famous for being packed with sugar. After moving from England to the US, I wanted to see what I'd been missing out on as a kid, from Lucky Charms to Cap'n Crunch.