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It's possible to make restaurant-quality oatmeal at home.

7 protein-packed breakfasts that will keep you full

Making sure you get protein in the morning can improve your health for the rest of the day — here are the best breakfasts to pack on the protein.
McDonald's can be relatively nutritious.

What 7 dietitians order at McDonald’s

INSIDER spoke to seven dieticians about what they eat at McDonald's and how you can make your fast-food meal more nutritious.
It's best to not start your day with excess sugar.

Breakfast meals you should be eating instead of cereal, according to a nutritionist

Cereals can often leave you hungry and with a major energy crash way before lunchtime. Here's what you should eat instead.
Krispy Kreme has gained a cult-following for its original glazed variety of doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme is selling a dozen doughnuts for $1 on December 12

For one day only, customers buying a dozen glazed doughnuts can get another dozen of any variety of doughnuts for a fraction of the price.
You can still feel luxurious while indulging in a cheap breakfast.

10 tips for saving money on breakfast

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day but it doesn't need to be the most expensive. Here's how to save money on breakfast.
Some breakfast foods will have you wanting more.

Common breakfast foods that aren’t as filling as you think — and what to eat instead

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that doesn't mean anything counts. Here are some foods that will leave you hungry.
It's possible to make restaurant-quality oatmeal at home.

5 tips to make restaurant-quality oatmeal at home, according to a chef

There's something delicious about the oatmeal you get at restaurants. Here's how to make upgrade your homemade oatmeal to make it restaurant-quality.

Tan Cheng Bock has breakfast with Lee Hsien Yang at West Coast hawker centre

Former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock was seen having breakfast with Mr Lee Hsien Yang at a hawker centre in West Coast on Sunday morning (Nov 4).
McDonald's has a new breakfast item: Triple Breakfast Stacks.

McDonald’s is adding new breakfast sandwiches with 3 times as much meat to its menu. Here’s how they actually taste.

McDonald's is debuting Triple Breakfast Stacks — breakfast sandwiches with three times as much meat — on Thursday.
Cloud eggs on toast could be your new favorite breakfast.

10 ways to cook an egg that you probably haven’t thought of

From cloud eggs to omelets in a bag, here are some unique and cool ways to cook eggs that you probably haven't thought of.