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The Pentagon building pictured in 2010.

Another top Pentagon official just resigned

Rear Adm. Kevin Sweeney served as chief of staff to the Secretary of Defense since January 2017. He said he would return to the private sector.
President Donald Trump is battling on multiple fronts with major developments on US foreign policy in Syria, the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis, a falling stock market, and a government shutdown.

Here’s what you missed this weekend: The US government shut down, another top US military official left over a rift with Trump, and a tsunami de...

Over the December 22-23 weekend, the US government shut down, and another military official left over President Donald Trump's Syria troops pullout.

Trump says he doesn’t know top US official leading the fight against ISIS, calls him a ‘grandstander’ for resigning over Syria troop...

President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday evening that he didn't know Brett McGurk, the top US official leading the fight against ISIS.

Top US official leading fight against ISIS resigns with scathing letter calling Trump’s Syria troop withdrawal a ‘complete reversal’...

Brett McGurk, the top US official leading the coalition against ISIS, resigned in protest over Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from Syria.