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Theresa May has given into the demands of pro-EU Conservative MPs.

Theresa May risks defeat as she dares furious Tory rebels to vote down ‘unacceptable’ Brexit deal

Pro-Remain Conservative MPs accuse the UK prime minister of breaking her promise to give parliament a veto on a no-deal Brexit.
Theresa May narrowly avoids defeat on the Brexit bill

Theresa May surrenders to Tory rebels as she narrowly avoids major Brexit defeat

May's government signals support for a rebel amendment to the Brexit bill which would offer MPs an effective veto on her Brexit deal.

The 3 big concessions May made to the EU on the Brexit divorce deal

Here are all the climbdowns Theresa May had to make in order to secure an agreement on the first phase of Brexit talks.

Cabinet Brexiteers warn Theresa May not to double Britain’s divorce bill

Boris Johnson and David Davis are advising the prime minister against a significantly increased offer, according to reports.
Brexit secretary David Davis (L) with the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier

Theresa May is prepared to double the size of Britain’s Brexit divorce bill

The PM is reportedly preparing an offer of up to £40 billion in an attempt to break deadlock in Brexit negotiations.

Theresa May to propose a ‘status quo’ Brexit transition deal in order to rescue negotiations

The PM is set to propose making financial contributions to the EU for three years after Brexit in return for continued access to its core institutions.

Theresa May set to defy the EU and negotiate directly with European leaders on Brexit

The prime minister is reportedly planning to appeal to European leaders to approve talks on future UK-EU trade getting underway in autumn.

Theresa May risks defeat on Great Repeal Bill after inserting clause to quit Charter of Fundamental Rights

The Brexit Secretary will publish the highly controversial European Union (withdrawal) Bill later today.

Leaked talks show Brussels will demand a €99.6 billion Brexit divorce bill from the UK

Estimates presented by the European Commission to the 27 remaining states indicate that Brussels will demand a €99.6bn Brexit divorce bill from the UK