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A mural is pictured on a facade of a building near the European Union institutions in Brussels, Belgium June 27, 2017.

Brussels has a 7-point pitch to lure finance firms spooked by Brexit — here it is

Belgian Finance Minister Johan Van Overtveldt told BI he has a 7-point pitch to finance businesses to convince them to come to Brussels.

ING: The pound could climb 13% in 2018 and be worth more than it was before the Brexit vote

ING's Patel believes that if UK and EU are able to strike a transition deal for Brexit early in the year, and UK economic data holds up, sterling will surge.
A Ryanair plane.

Ryanair is applying for a UK aviation licence to protect itself from a hard Brexit

The move is designed to avoid any complications that could emerge if the UK and EU cannot strike a deal around aviation rules during Brexit negotiations.

Guy Verhofstadt says David Davis’ ‘unhelpful’ Brexit deal claim has undermined trust

Brexit Secretary David claimed on Sunday that the deal agreed last week was a "statement of intent" and not legally binding.

The 3 big concessions May made to the EU on the Brexit divorce deal

Here are all the climbdowns Theresa May had to make in order to secure an agreement on the first phase of Brexit talks.
Theresa May agrees a Brexit divorce deal

Theresa May has reached a Brexit divorce deal after all-night talks with the EU

The British prime minister has reached a deal on Britain's exit from the European Union after all-night negotiations.

Bankers will get special travel rights in any Brexit deal, David Davis says

At UBS' European Conference, Davis told an audience that the government wants to ensure the City remains at the heart of Europe's financial services sector.

SOCIETE GENERALE: Here are our 5 Brexit scenarios

According to new research from French lender Societe Generale, hard Brexit remains by far the most likely outcome — with a 70% probability.