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Keir Starmer wins the Labour leadership contest and vows to unite the party

Keir Starmer will replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour party leader and official leader of the UK opposition.
Boris Johnson

The UK government claims it failed to take part in an EU scheme for coronavirus ventilators because it didn’t see the email asking it to take pa...

The UK government is accused of putting "Brexit before breathing" after failing to sign up to an EU scheme for coronavirus ventilators.

The UK has gone into coronavirus lockdown. Here’s what you can and cannot do

Here's how the UK's new coronavirus lockdown rules work and how they are being enforced.

UK hauliers demand Boris Johnson extends the Brexit transition period so they can cope with the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is a "once in a lifetime emergency" which means Brexit must now be delayed, says the UK haulage industry.
Boris Johnson announcing the UK lockdown to the nation on Monday evening.

The UK coronavirus lockdown will last for up to 6 months and be policed with on-the-spot fines

The UK public has been ordered to stay at home with all nonessential shops, premises and places of worship shut down.
Boris Johnson

The UK has gone into full coronavirus lockdown with the public barred from leaving home for nonessential reasons

The UK has gone into full coronavirus lockdown after a surge in cases across the country.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds a news conference addressing the government's response to the coronavirus outbreak, at Downing Street in London, Britain March 12, 2020. REUTERS/Simon Dawson/Pool

The UK’s slow response to the coronavirus could cause up to 70,000 excess deaths according to a new study

The UK is now less than two weeks away from a coronavirus outbreak as bad as Italy's

The UK has just 2 weeks to stop a coronavirus outbreak as bad as Italy’s. Why time’s running out.

The coronavirus outbreak in the UK could soon be at levels even worse than what we have seen in Italy.
Shoppers continue to flock to Columbia Flower Market in East London on Sunday.

A full coronavirus lockdown now looks ‘inevitable’ for the UK as the public continues to flock to public spaces despite a surge in COVID-1...

The UK seems headed for a full coronavirus lockdown as the British public continues to ignore social-distancing rules.

London goes into lockdown: Here’s what we know about how the coronavirus is shutting down the city

London could be placed into imminent lockdown as the number of coronavirus cases in the city surges ahead of the rest of the United Kingdom.