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Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable campaigns alongside the European Parliament's Brexit chief Guy Verhofstadt.

Change UK mocked for ‘folly’ of rejecting alliance with the Lib Dems

Change UK made a major error by refusing to work with the Liberal Democrats, according to a leading Lib Dem European Parliament candidate.
Boris Johnson

Why Boris Johnson could back a new Brexit referendum as prime minister

The frontrunner to be Britain's next prime minister may have little choice but to back a fresh vote on Brexit.
Theresa May

Theresa May’s ‘last chance’ Brexit deal backfires as Tories urge her to abandon vote and quit

Dozens of Conservative MPs turned against May after her offer of a "new deal" on Brexit killed off hopes of passing her Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

Theresa May offers MPs a 2nd referendum vote if they back her Brexit bill

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has offered MPs a legally binding vote on whether to hold a second referendum.
Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk (L) speaks to former finance minister Jan Rostowski at Parliament in Warsaw June 25, 2014.

Donald Tusk tells voters to back Change UK candidate in European elections to stop Brexit

EU Council President Donald Tusk made an unprecedented intervention into the UK's European elections, urging voters to support a Change UK candidate.
Brexit Party leader Nigel gestures after being hit with a milkshake while arriving for a Brexit Party campaign event in Newcastle, Britain, May 20, 2019.

Nigel Farage hit by milkshake protest on Brexit Party campaign trail

Nigel Farage is the latest political figure to be struck by a milkshake-wielding protestor, as he campaigned for the European elections in Newcastle..
Britain's Home Secretary Amber Rudd leaves 10 Downing Street, London, December 5, 2017.

Operation Stop Boris: Conservative moderates battle to prevent no-deal Brexit prime minister

Seven senior Conservative MPs will launch a bid to stop Boris Johnson becoming prime minister if he endorses a no-deal Brexit.
Change UK leader Heidi Allen

Change UK leader says the party may no longer exist by the next election

Heidi Allen says she may not stand for re-election as a Change UK MP.
Boris Johnson is the bookies' favourite to take over from Theresa May when she resigns

Boris Johnson’s long list of gaffes, offensive comments and controversies

The former foreign secretary is the bookies' favourite to take over from Theresa May when she resigns, which is widely expected to happen this summer.
Britain's FX war chest was twice the size of Turkey's in Q4 2018 — and Turkey was defending an actual run on its currency.

The UK government built a $146 billion war chest to stop a run on the pound in the case of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, Bank of America says

The war chest suggests there was a "chance the UK would leave the EU without a deal and thus [create] a run on the pound," the BofA analysts say.