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Ed Davey (left) and Jo Swinson.

The winner of the Liberal Democrat leadership contest could decide the future of Britain’s Brexit crisis

The resurgent anti-Brexit party could be the kingmakers at the next general election, and help trigger a second EU referendum.
The Queen

The Queen is being dragged into Britain’s Brexit crisis

Both Leave and Remain-supporting politicians are plotting to drag the Queen into Britain's growing Brexit crisis.
Boris Johnson and Donald Trump

‘He’s going to do a great job’: Trump says Boris Johnson will ‘straighten’ out Brexit after ‘poor job’ done ...

"I think we'll have a very good relationship," Trump says of the favourite to replace Theresa May as prime minister
Chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier and Theresa May

‘Hostages against a no-deal Brexit’: British MPs demand the EU protects citizen rights

British MPs will demand that Michel Barnier protect citizens' rights in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson asked whether Angela Merkel was in the Stasi and questioned why Leo Varadkar isn’t ‘called Murphy like all the rest of them?...

The favourite to replace Theresa May as prime minister allegedly made a series of offensive remarks about EU leaders.
Boris Johnson

MPs vote to block Boris Johnson from forcing through a no-deal Brexit

Members of Parliament backed an amendment to the Northern Ireland Bill which supporters believe will stop Boris Johnson from forcing a no-deal Brexit.

‘Stand up and be counted’: Conservative rebels prepare to block Boris Johnson from forcing through a no-deal Brexit

The House of Commons could block Boris Johnson's ability to force a no-deal Brexit if he becomes prime minister in a knife-edge vote on Thursday.
Ilhan Omar

‘You embody the best of America’: UK politicians stand in solidarity with Ilhan Omar, accusing Trump of ‘unashamed racism’

Dozens of members of Parliament signed a statement in solidarity with the four US congresswomen singled out by President Donald Trump early this week.
Donald Trump and Theresa May

Theresa May accuses populist politicians like Trump of trading on the ‘politics of division’

May used her last major speech as prime minister to attack the rise of populism around the globe.

A Trump-style blimp of Boris Johnson will fly over London this weekend to protest against Brexit

Boris Johnson is expected to become the United Kingdom's new prime minister next week.