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Theresa May

What does Theresa May’s resignation mean for Brexit?

The Conservative party will choose a new leader and prime minister as the UK heads for the Brexit deadline on October 31.
Donald Trump and HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Trump ‘oblivious’ to political chaos in the UK ahead of state visit because all he cares about is hanging out with the royals, report says...

President Trump will attend a state banquet at Buckingham Palace, as well as taking tea with Prince Charles during the June 3 to June 5 visit.

Police stopped a McDonald’s in Scotland from selling milkshakes near a Nigel Farage rally to avoid further instances of far-right activists bein...

Police ordered the restaurant to stop selling the drinks while Farage was in town to stop protesters from joining in the milkshake-dousing trend.
Britain's FX war chest was twice the size of Turkey's in Q4 2018 — and Turkey was defending an actual run on its currency.

The UK government built a $146 billion war chest to stop a run on the pound in the case of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, Bank of America says

The war chest suggests there was a "chance the UK would leave the EU without a deal and thus [create] a run on the pound," the BofA analysts say.

Brexit talks between Labour and the Conservatives hit a low point

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said a letter to Theresa May by senior Tories including Boris Johnson had jeopardised cross-party Brexit talks.
'Big Ben' at the Houses of Parliament.

Running down the clock: How British politics fell into a Brexit coma

EU fears that British politicians would waste the UK's six month extension to Brexit, are being fully realised.
Warren Buffett topped the list of the wealthiest people in finance.

Warren Buffett plans to make ‘a very large acquisition’ in Britain despite its Brexit ‘mistake’

The uncertainty surrounding Britain's exit from the European Union is not putting off the renowned investor Warren Buffett.

Theresa May’s future in doubt as Conservative grassroots schedule no-confidence vote

It is the first time that Conservative party members have forced an emergency meeting to debate a leader's future in nearly two centuries.
A shopper reaches for a box of tea in a supermarket in London.

British companies are planning to stockpile for the ‘nightmare’ of a Christmas time no-deal Brexit

Companies are set to stockpile goods like food, medicine and clothes amid fears of the UK leaving the EU without a deal just weeks before Christmas.

Germany’s economy is flashing yet another ‘grim’ warning after more weak data and a slump in demand

Weak manufacturing data and lower growth forecasts are signalling major weakness in Germany.