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Stills of the viral video shows Jordan Holgerson falling off a bridge after being pushed by Tay'lor Smith.

A teenager who went viral after pushing her friend off a 60-foot-high bridge was sentenced to 2 days in jail

The victim's mother told the judge that Tay'lor Smith should spend as much time in jail as her daughter spent in hospital: three days.
The bridge will open to traffic on Wednesday.

China is running into problems with the world’s longest sea bridge, which cost $20 billion and is 20 times as long as the Golden Gate Bridge

China just opened the world's largest sea bridge. It could connect up to 70 million people in the Chinese mega-region.

China is opening the world’s longest sea bridge — and it contains enough steel to build 60 Eiffel Towers

China will soon unveil its controversial megaproject, a 34-mile-long bridge connecting Hong Kong, Macau, and the mainland. Here's what it looks like.

Dramatic images show massive fire that led to Atlanta bridge collapse

A thick plume of black smoke stretched for miles around the fire, slowing traffic to a halt in northern Atlanta.

Watch a 93-year-old bridge withstand a powerful explosion meant to destroy it

A "structurally deficient" Arkansas bridge stood strong and refused to fall, even after a demolition team tried to bring it down.

Watch over 100 excavators dismantle a Chinese overpass overnight

The Chinese roadway in Jiangxi was completely demolished, removed, and reopened in just 56 hours.

The world’s highest and longest glass bridge just opened in China — and it looks terrifying

The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge in China's Hunan Province is 980 feet tall and more than 1400 feet long.