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Bryan Colangelo releases statement seemingly throwing his wife under the bus over 76ers Twitter scandal

Many in the sports world felt Bryan Colangelo threw his wife under the bus in a statement by saying the Twitter accounts she operated were outside of his knowledge and did not contain factual information.

Bryan Colangelo resigns as 76ers president after Twitter scandal in which his wife was accused of anonymously leaking sensitive information and blasti...

An investigation into five Twitter accounts that contained critical and sensitive information about the 76ers found the accounts to be run by Bryan Colangelo's wife. The team and Colangelo agreed to part ways.

The Bryan Colangelo burner Twitter account scandal comes weeks before a huge 76ers offseason that could include LeBron James

Bryan Colangelo's alleged burner Twitter accounts could have an impact on how big-name free agents and the 76ers own players view the team president. Colangelo's biggest challenge may be restoring credibility with players.

Report links high-ranking 76ers executive to Twitter accounts that criticized Joel Embiid, other executives, and appeared to leak player medical info

A bombshell report linked Bryan Colangelo to five anonymous Twitter accounts. The accounts were critical of 76ers players, including Joel Embiid, and other NBA executives, including former 76ers GM Sam Hinkie and current Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri.

Joel Embiid rips 76ers executive linked to Twitter accounts that were critical of the NBA star

Joel Embiid rips Bryan Colangelo, says Sam Hinkie is better, smarter