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Hokkaido, Japan, is one of 30 travel destinations expected to be popular among millennials in 2019.

The 30 most popular destinations for millennials in 2019

According to the site, millennials are currently seeking "memorable and original moments" while traveling.
One of the UK's dinkiest major cities, you can walk from one side of Newcastle to the other in under 15 minutes.

This northern UK city has beat out the likes of Cuba and Chile for the title of ‘best place to visit in 2018’

Newcastle's thriving food scene and cultural exhibitions helped the British city beat the likes of Malawi, Valletta, and even Cuba to first place.
Reading physically relaxes the body by helping to reduce the heart rate and release tension in the muscles.

25 of the highest-rated novels you can read in 5 hours or less

Reading improves our quality of life in a variety of ways. These shorter titles, all under 250 pages, are brief enough to incorporate into any busy schedule.
A steak is best kept simple — as long as it's cooked properly.

30 dishes everyone should know how to make before they turn 30, according to Michelin-starred and industry-leading head chefs

From basic sauces to showstopper desserts, these 30 recipes are recommended by the country's best head chefs — who have 13 Michelin stars between them.

30 mind-expanding life experiences you should get done before you turn 30

Now's the time to tick off some big-hitters on your bucket list.

26 incredible waterfalls to visit in your lifetime

Get lost in the beauty of nature with 26 magnificent waterfalls around the world.

14 gyms to work out at in your lifetime

Fitness junkies should definitely add these unique gyms to their bucket lists.