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The royal family have put up their Christmas trees and they’re as regal as you’d hope

The Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle Christmas trees have been erected and decorated, and people are loving their classic beauty.
Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she arrives in Scotland in 2015.

Buckingham Palace has developed a taste for Caribbean food — and even the Queen might be into it

Buckingham Palace's menu has seen a few changes thanks to the addition of hospitality workers from the Carribean. Royal chef Mark Flanagan said that the callaloo soup was an 'absolute sensation' and that he has been inundated with requests for the soup to become a more regular part of the palace's menu.
Queen Elizabeth II could soon be your boss if you apply for a job at the Royal Household.

18 of the highest-paid jobs you can get working for the Royal Family

If you've ever wanted to work for Queen Elizabeth II, these are the options that will make you the most money.

Prince Harry poached Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s communications officer to become Meghan Markle’s new assistant

Meghan Markle is already enjoying some of the perks of being a royal — including having her own personal assistant.

The Queen and Princess Diana’s bra-fitter has been stripped of its royal warrant after its former owner revealed royal secrets in a tell-all mem...

The company's former owner compared the Queen's personal apartments in Buckingham Palace to "an old-fashioned dentist's waiting room."
The job comes with 33 vacation days a year and daily meals.

Working for Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace may sound like a dream to some, but the pay is less than you think

Queen Elizabeth is paying a new catering chef about $28,000 a year — or less if they decide to live at Buckingham Palace.
Royally approved.

The Queen gives a Tesco Christmas pudding to every member of her staff each year

Staff at Buckingham Palace each receive the sweet treat from Her Majesty, accompanied by a Christmas card.