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Austin Nicklas and Kenidy Springer in their mini school bus, Bessi.

The dreamy ‘bus life’ all over Instagram isn’t actually as cheap as it sounds — here’s exactly what it costs, according ...

Austin Nicklas and Kenidy Springer are traveling the US in a mini converted school bus instead of working stationary jobs in big cities, which would double their expenses for the summer. But bus life isn't cheap.
Check out the snorkeling and kayaking in Kapaa, Hawaii.

Forget New York — here are the 10 places in the US everyone will be visiting in 2018, according to travelers

TripAdvisor tracked traveler reviews to find the best places to visit in America in 2018. These 10 cities will probably fill your Instagram feed this year.
Montana ski resorts have some of the best prices.

19 of the best ski resorts to visit this winter that don’t cost a fortune

Each ski resort on the list costs under $250 for a lift pass, equipment, lunch, and overnight stay.

The 10 cities around the world travelers loved the most in 2017

American travelers were crazy about Mexico this year.
Costa Rica sounds really nice right now.

The Tuesday after Cyber Monday is one of the best days to get travel deals all year

Hopper predicts round-trip flight prices for dozens of popular cities across the US will be between $160 and $270.
Holiday travel can cost 75% more than usual.

Here’s exactly when to book your flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Find the cheapest US flights for December holiday travel when you book in early October.
Monarch is no more.

What brought down Monarch, the UK’s biggest ever airline collapse

The combination of a weak pound since the Brexit referendum, an increase in terrorist attacks in the Middle East and Europe, and Brexit uncertainty killed it.

The 17 best places in Europe to visit this summer that don’t cost a fortune

U.S. News & World Report released its latest rankings of the best affordable vacation spots in Europe.

A 27-year-old who saves 65% of his income shares his 7 best tips for traveling on a budget

Here's how the Money Wizard still affords to travel while saving tens of thousands of dollars a year.