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For when the zombie apocalypse hits.

Silicon Valley’s ultra wealthy are reportedly buying up $8 million doomsday bunkers in New Zealand

Super rich Silicon Valley moguls are buying up millions of dollars worth of doomsday bunkers and installing them in New Zealand, Bloomberg reports.
A screenshot from a video published by Trident Lakes shows the location of a proposed spa.

A doomsday shelter for the 1% is being investigated by the FBI as a possible front for a Colombian money laundering scheme

Trident Lakes, a doomsday getaway for the rich, is reportedly being investigated by the FBI as a possible front for a Colombian drug trafficking scheme. The buzzy Texas condo development promised hundreds of fortified, underground condos where the 1% could live out the apocalypse.
An illustration of a nuclear bomb exploding in a city.

A company that builds underground bunkers to withstand nuclear war has made millions during Trump’s presidency — take a look

Rising S Company makes affordable underground bunkers that can withstand natural disasters and apocalyptic events.

How billionaires will survive the end of the world

One company is building a massive bunker for the world's billionaires to bring their families once the apocalypse arrives.

Take a tour of the luxurious bunker where billionaires can escape the apocalypse

Chambers in this bunker will cost $5 million each — and you can only get there by helicopter.