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11 American companies that are no longer American

Some of America's most famous brands have fallen into foreign hands.

We compared McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King’s signature burgers, and the winner was unmistakable

Every self-respecting fast-food chain has a flagship burger — we tested them at McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King to find out which one is the best.

We tried french fries from 5 major fast-food chains to see who does it best, and there was a clear winner

We pitted Taco Bell's new nacho fries against french fries from other major fast-food chains to see who does it best. One chain rose well above the rest.

A Burger King exec says the people who are most successful at the company have a distinct trait in common

Burger King's corporate culture attracts and values those that can take ownership, and rewards them accordingly, its global CMO Fernando Machado told Business Insider.
A rebranded IHOb location.

Fast-food chains including Wendy’s, Burger King, and Whataburger are ganging up on IHOP to slam its IHOb revamp

IHOP said on Monday that it had changed its name to IHOb to promote the debut of its new burgers. Chains including Wendy's, Burger King, and Whataburger slammed the move. Here are the best reactions.

Burger King has changed its name to ‘Pancake King’ to mock IHOP’s rebrand as IHOb

In the wake of IHOP's rebrand as IHOb, Burger King also rolled out a new name: Pancake King. The burger chain, which serves pancakes for breakfast, changed its name on social-media channels and updated photos to put more emphasis on pancakes instead of its famous Whoppers.
Burger King's new Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries.

Burger King has unleashed an absurd new weapon in the fast-food wars

On Thursday, the fast-food chain is launching Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries for a limited time, Burger King told Business Insider. The new menu item takes fry-shaped chicken and coats it with salty seasoned pretzel breading.

We tried biscuit breakfast sandwiches from major fast-food chains, and the winner is shockingly clear

We tried all the major fast-food chains' breakfast biscuit sandwiches to find the best. Here they are, from the awful to the amazing.

I tried classic breakfast sandwiches from McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s — here’s how they stack up

Eggs, cheese, and either bacon or sausage unite to create the perfect on-the-go breakfast. But of the three major national fast-food chains, who does it best?

A homeless man is suing Burger King for almost $1 million after being jailed for 3 months following false accusations of paying with a counterfeit $10...

A homeless black man named Emory Ellis was arrested after being falsely accused of using a fake $10 bill to pay for breakfast at Burger King. Ellis was imprisoned for three months, until the Secret Service concluded the $10 bill was real, according to a lawsuit.